SmarTrack CMS is Parkeon’s Smart Card Management System based on a Microsoft SQL Server database and comprising a SmarTrack Manager client application plus a number of predefined reports.


SmarTrack CMS

SmarTrack CMS incorporates the following functionality:

Secure login using Windows based authentication.

The ability to define user profiles that restricts, on a per user basis, those functions that can be performed.

Recording of all smart card transactions including usage and reload transactions together with the current balances of products on the card.

The ability to carry out card related actions such as topping up of the stored value on a card, topping up of the number of journeys on a card, amendment of pass expiry dates or hot listing a card

The ability to quickly search for a specific card based upon a number of search criteria, such as the card printed serial number or the card status.

The ability to create freeform notes against individual smart cards.

The ability to attach files to individual smart cards; these files could include scanned images or documents.

An interface into third party smart card printer / encoders for the purpose of issuing new cards. All cards issued on third party smart card printer / encoders are personalised and a record written directly to the SmarTrack CMS database.

Ability to consume data captured by Parkeon’s POS application.

An interface to the Auto Top-Up file for Internet / Telephone derived top-ups.

Ability to generate action lists for distribution to ticketing equipment.

Ability to import data in both XML and CSV format.

A number of predefined reports.