Sponsor of under Privileged Soccer Team

eBus Supplies is a proud sponsor of Cardinal Stars, a soccer club in an under-privileged community.

“This is a social junior development academy whose mission is to reach out to the children of today, engage them in football activities, and strive to instil in our kids a sense of discipline and confidence that goes beyond sports. We commit ourselves to enduring a sense of family togetherness and values, ensuring that the morals of society are upheld with dignity, ethics, and respect for all individuals irrespective of race or culture.

We firmly believe that sports should be a social and recreational activity that should allow the child to portray sportsmanship and respect at all times, in every circumstance and situation.”

Proud Contributor to The Mug and Tree Community Care

“Mug and Tree Community Centre was created with love and care for the vulnerable children and families in Apple Park and surrounding areas. We have a Soup Kitchen that feed the underprivileged community and we also have an ECD (Early Childhood Development) project that we are currently involved with.”


We provide practical training and bursaries for students that are interested in pursuing a career in electronics and engineering.