Handheld Automatic Fare Collection Terminal of Choice

Conductor based Fare Collection

Inspector System and mobile Point Of Sale

Built-in Wi-Fi, GPRS, USB


The eTouch Hand-held Terminal is designed specifically for use of Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) systems to offer the convenience of a cashless payment system in public transport such as buses, ferries, trams, railways and other transportation vehicles.

eTouch is based on the use of MIFARE® smart cards. By virtue of the embedded powerful 32-bit ARM® ARM11™ processor, eTouch enables a high speed transaction processing and transaction records collection. eTouch supports various advanced connection modes for data transfer, including Wi-Fi, WCDMA, GSM/GPRS and USB thumb drive for data collection.

It has a built in GPS device which enables location tracking, and understanding of passenger movement. With its compact, light and trendy design, eTouch can be carried in a shoulder pouch.

eTouch is integrated with a 240 x 32 high resolution VGA LCD touch Screen, four LED indicators with different colours. Perfect for use as a Conductor Automatic Fare Collection System, Inspector Terminal, Customer Care system.

Technical Data



Smart Investments


32-bit ARM® ARM11™ Processor with Embedded Linux®

Four LED Transaction Indicators (Blue, Yellow, Green and Red)

Audio or voice enunciator

Stereo speaker volume 70 dB at 1 meter distance

5.7-inch TFT-LCD Colour

Firmware Upgradable