Astreo TVM

Modular & scalable

Ergonomic & secure

RSP approved & DDA compliant

Easy maintenance

High capacity change giving and recycling

Bank note acceptance

Galexio / Galexio Plus TVM

Fully weatherproof for outdoor locations

ToD ready and ITSO capable with intelligent links to established national network and smart standards

Easy-to-use customer interface

Fast transactions

All methods of payment with change giving

Astreo TVM

With its modular design and multiple options, the Astreo terminal offers transport operators both flexibility and reliability.

The Astreo TVM accepts all payment methods, has a wide range of user interfaces, and provides encoding and distribution capability for all formats of transport ticket including paper, magnetic card, low cost and standard smart media.


All payment methods: coins with change and recycling, bank notes with change and recycling, contact and contactless bank cards, closed system smart cards including electronic purse

Encoding and distribution of all formats of transport tickets, including barcodes, magnetic stripe and contactless technology on different media

Smart media balance checking and reloading

Ergonomic & convenient

User interfaces are designed to ensure both convenience and security during the transaction

Accessible for people with disabilities, in compliance with Coliac/Colitrah standards in France, CEMT in Europe and DDA in the UK

Optimal transaction time thanks to a clear customisable, intuitive interface and fast response touchscreen

Robust & reliable

Qualified and well-proven submodules used across the TVM range

Resistant to vandalism and fraud


Easy and rapid reloading of tickets and change

High reliability

Easy maintenance, reducing downtime

Galexio / Galexio Plus TVM

Inside or out…the small footprint Galexio from Parkeon adds real value to effective rail and metro retailing. The Galexio is a card / cash ticket machine that combines Chip and PIN functionality with an ability to serve as a ToD fulfilment terminal.

The compact design of the Galexio makes effective use of available space, whether on a station concourse or located externally in unattended environments, with its high security cabinet and weatherproofed design. The Galexio is RSP approved and DDA compliant, ToD ready and ITSO capable with an established technology pathway leading to PayPass and wave and pay if required. It offers ultimate flexibility in a small footprint TVM and has an easy-to-use customer interface, with ergonomic and intuitive displays.

Each Galexio can be configured remotely over a LAN, using Parkeon’s secure management system; ensuring that fare updates and ticket design can be changed quickly in line with retail strategies.

Coin system

The coin system inside the Galexio TVM is composed of the following parts:

Shuttered coin entry slot fixed on the door with motorised coin entry handling

CF7000 coin module comprising coin selector and 5 coin recycling tubes

Self-locking and secure stainless steel coin vault

Up to 3 optional non-recycling hoppers

Coin Vault

The coin vault stores non-recycled coins pending collection or recycled coins when the change tubes are full. It is made of stainless steel and has a carrying handle. The cash box has a compartment to hold collection accounting reports.

The ‘cash box full’ and ‘cash box partially full’ alarms are generated according to its estimated weight (calculated and compared with thresholds in kilograms defined in the configuration). A full cash box can weigh up to 18 kg. The cash box weight is 3 kg when empty. As soon as one of the thresholds is reached, an event is sent to the CMS, so action can be taken.

The coin vault is equipped with two locks, one to unlock it from the TVM and another to empty the contents. The coin entry shutter of the vault automatically locks when the vault is removed from the TVM. Once the mechanism has been reset after emptying, the coin vault can be re-fitted to the TVM to collect more coins. The coin vault status (in/out/contents) is reported to the CMS.

Bank Note Reader

The optional SC83 banknote reader (BNR) module fitted to the TVM is an OEM product made by MEI. This device was chosen because it is successfully integrated into thousands of vending machines worldwide and has been used by Parkeon in many other projects. It can recognize up to 46 types of banknotes in all 4 possible orientations. The types of banknotes accepted can be defined by software settings. The SC83 has a high first acceptance rate of 98% with outstanding security. This reader also has a single note escrow.

The note is returned only if the user cancels the transaction. Once a note is inserted, the SC83 is disabled and the user is prompted to continue the payment with the coins.

The BNR has a note box with a capacity of up to 500 banknotes. This banknote box is made of polycarbonate, providing a shock-resistant shell.

The cash box has its own locking mechanism. It is automatically reset when the cash box is empty, thereby preventing a used cash box from being put back in place. The banknote box can only be opened with a second key, different from the box removal key. Two keys of each type are supplied with each TVM.The construction of this cash box is sturdy, offering a high level of security. The cash box is made of polycarbonate and has drop resistance of 1m on to concrete.

The banknote reader and banknote box are fixed to a support rail in the right-hand section of the TVM.