Working closely with the local passenger transport industry for the past 25 years, we have gained valuable knowledge and experience, which we share with local transport operators through our consulting and auditing service.

Our solid reputation is based on years of proven service to numerous public transport companies and our consistent involvement with industry associations. Through our detailed knowledge and experience, we continuously strive to provide the scope of services that fulfils the needs of the passenger transport industry at the various levels - for example government, transport authorities, passenger forums, commuters, and the transport operator.

Our activities include:
Added Extras

assessing the balance between your revenue collection system and your operational requirements,

Reliable Fibre Backbone

optimising vehicle schedules,

Industry Leading Service

investigating fraud, pilferage and mismanagement,

Unshaped Connection

providing evidence for corrective action,

Satisfaction Guaranteed

enuring the good health of fare collection equipment,

No Contracts. No Catch.

sofware maintenance and data accuracy,

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staff training on hardware and software system components,

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passenger training,

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liasing with passenger forums,

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risk analysis and management

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assisting management to further optimize the transport operation

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consulting with government, municipalities and transport authorities.