RTMS is an industry–led, government-supported, voluntary, self-regulation scheme that encourages consignees, consignors and road transport operators to implement a management system (a set of standards) with outcomes that contribute to preserving road infrastructure, improving road safety and increasing productivity.

Key focus areas are

Load optimisation

Driver wellness

Vehicle maintenance


Rules of Compliance

Maintain a haulage fleet inventory

Vehicle and load safety

Vehicle maintenance

Driver wellness (fatigue and health)

Training & education

Records and documentation

Audit Reports

Driver Wellness & Road Safety

Online Booking System

Licence expiry

PDP expiry

Date of Medical exam

Driver training

Record of traffic violations

Reduce driver fatigue – record actual driving time


Roadworthy Certificate

Licence expiry

Permit expiry

Regular tyre inspections

Maintenance schedules

Incidence Reoprt Management