Axio Touch Validator

Colour high resolution touch screen

Audio-assistance & Passenger real time information

Full customisation including graphics and functionality

Comprehensive connectivity

High performance processor

Flexible pole or wall mounting

Quick and secure access for maintenance

Axio Platform Validator

Efficient validation of contactless smart cards and electronic tickets

Multiple media ticket types and internet technologies

Proven in the field in over 600 locations, with over 2,500 units on order

Axio Touch Validator

Axio Touch is a user-friendly and interactive on-board or fixed validator, offering contactless technology to speed up passenger boarding, reduce maintenance costs and decrease the opportunity for fraud.

Stylish and compact design with advanced customisation capabilities

IML (In Mould Labelling) patented unique technology for high quality and robust on-demand 4-colour graphics design

Large choice of case colours

High level of functionality and performance

Supports all smart card/tag technologies, including NFC, 2D barcodes, co-branded bank and transit contactless cards

Provides the operator with the ability to introduce new and more flexible ticketing products in the future

Automatic updating of cards via a comprehensive action list

Capability to integrate with on-board bus driver consoles and third-party intelligent transportation systems

Provides fast processing to speed-up boarding time

Features easy and ergonomic operation

Always-on information

Clear advice to passengers using coloured pictograms, visual indicators, sound and spoken audio assistance for visually-impaired travellers (communicating status of validation, information regarding smart card validity, season ticket status, balance, list of contracts, recent transactions)

Real time passenger information such as network maps to help choose or reach destinations, ‘Next stop’ indicator, flash alerts during disruptions

Local information based on vehicle location systems – providing dynamic advertisements for local shops, nearest cinema with schedules, transport service transfers at next stop and departure times upon arrival at each stop

Robust, reliable, proven

Widely deployed worldwide

Qualified and well-proven components

Optimised to meet all the requirements of the mobile world of bus and tram travel

Future-proof open architecture

Based on Microsoft Windows or the open-source Android Operating System makes development of additional features, advanced services and applications easy and fast

Can be integrated with a driver console or used as a stand-alone unit


Service-friendly design, can be easily and quickly exchanged

Remote or local access for maintenance

Remote software downloading for updates

Axio Platform Validator

An attractive, robust platform validator

Advanced technology offering an ergonomic and flexible station or bus/tram stop installation

Pedestal or wall mounted options

The Axio range is a fast and flexible route to fare validation, offering operators a cost-effective solution for processing electronic tickets on a variety of media. Accepted formats include contactless paper, plastic smart cards, NFC Phones, EMV payments and USB sticks. The units are also fully enabled to read both ITSO and proprietary card formats in the UK.

The Axio Platform Validator is an attractive and robust validator for external locations – fully weatherproofed and vandal resistant to the IK10 rating. Its small footprint makes it ideal for floor or post mounting, while its ergonomic design ensures that it is DDA compliant. Its high luminance, all-weather colour screen ensures optimal customer experience in all conditions, whilst its proven architecture based on the successful Wayfarer200 ticket machine is configurable using Parkeon’s MERLIN software.

The Axio validator can be supplied either with push buttons or a touchscreen. Its cabinet includes a built-in speaker for tones or voice messages, while its keyboard uses capacitive technology for easier customer transactions and greater resistance to water and dust ingress. The contactless reader is integrated on the front door of the validator below the display, while an optional fast 2D barcode reader can also be provided for internet and mobile ticketing.